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Weekend Yoga Retreats in Ullswater – The Lake District

A Healing Adventure Retreat

You will be staying in a wonderful secluded farmhouse reached by a footbridge across the beck with direct access to the fell and a short walk down the drive to the lake side with breathtaking views of Ullswater lake “England’s most beautiful lake” and surrounding hills. Nearby is the added luxury of the magical Aira Force waterfall this peaceful part of the Lake District National Park is a truly serene place to deepen your Yoga & Meditation practise.

This wonderful weekend retreat is ALL INCLUSIVE and is the ideal get away where you can connect back to nature bring attention to where you need it most and feed yourself earthy goodness..

In your spare time get your walking boots on and hike through the hills with mind blowing views or grab yourself a bike and cycle on the mountain trails exploring the local Waterfalls & lakes. We have 7 mountain bikes going spare to use free of charge, otherwise indulge in one of our many highly recommended massage treatments and enjoy a heartfelt book with stunning views breathing in that fresh mountain air!

Prices start from £265 (Shared accommodation)
Private rooms available at an extra cost.

Early bird discount available 8 weeks prior to retreat date. To secure your place we ask for a (non refundable) £100 deposit.
Once booked you will receive a confirmation email with full details & a map to help locate the Retreat venue.


3x Multi style Yoga classes 
2x Qigong (Moving meditation) classes
2x Wake up juice/smoothie
2x Uplifting vegetarian/vegan breakfast
1x Raw food nutrition workshop
2x Wholesome lunch
2x Delicious vegetarian/vegan cooked dinner
1x Yoga Nidra deep sleep relaxation
1x Healing sound bath Meditation
1x Guided mindfulness walk & wild lake swim

Massage treatments are available during your stay at an extra cost.

Please bring a towel, swimwear, loose comfortable clothing, walking shoes, rain jacket (weather dependant) & indoor shoes/slippers if desired.


Welcome home - Friday:

6.30pm – Arrival, relax & unwind
7-8.30pm – Nutritious wholesome dinner
9-9.30pm – Yoga Nidra deep sleep relaxation

The early bird catches the worm - Saturday:

8-8.30am – Awakening outdoor Qigong Meditation class
8.30-9.30am – Invigorating dynamic Yoga class
9.30-10.30am – Freshly made juice & uplifting breakfast
10.30-12.30pm – Free time/Massages
12.30-1.30pm – Raw food nutrition workshop
1.30-2.30pm – Wholesome lunch
2.30-5pm – Free time/Massages
5-6.30pm – Healing Hatha & Yin Yoga class
7-8.30pm – Nutritious Wholesome dinner
9-9.30pm – Sound bath Chakra cleansing Meditation

Feeling nourished - Sunday:

8 – 8.30am – Releasing & letting go outdoor Qigong Meditation class
8.30 – 9.30am – Restorative self love & appreciation Yoga
9.30 – 10.30am – Uplifting juice & wholesome brunch
11.00 – Mindfulness walk & wild lake swim
2pm – Closing circle

Read what our happy yogis have to say...

I just want to let people know how much of a B-E-A-UTIFUL weekend I had at the 'Awakening Spring Yoga Retreat' in the Lake District  I had a completely serene experience the whole time. Set in the most breathtaking landscapes, our home was an old stone farmhouse which is found through a gap in a hedge and across a bridge over mini waterfalls! Whilst in our little hideaway not a single bother from the outside world was allowed to penetrate the bliss we felt... I have never slept so well. Through the early morning Qigong classes with Ivan I learnt a lot about myself and about the powers I hold within. I learnt how harnessing the earth's energy can put you in touch with yourself and everything beyond yourself which feels absolutely amazing. I really enjoyed the yoga classes which were set in the most perfect atmosphere. Even as a beginner in yoga I had no trouble learning under the teaching of the tranquil Amber, as she addressed us softly, gently and fluently, guiding us through each movement. The evening yoga mediation sessions were so peaceful that some of my fellow retreaters fell asleep during the class 💖 I also very much enjoyed learning about natural, healthy nutrition in the raw food workshops, aswel as having fun whilst we made yummy snacks. By the end of the weekend I felt quite bonded to everyone in the group despite us having been strangers... What I have gained from this experience cannot be measured, nor can the love I felt from Amber and Ivan in sharing their enlightening way of life! I've definitely grown closer to my own true self and have excelled on my spiritual journey. I can't recommend their retreats enough and will definitely be attending again! Peace and Love To All 

April 18, 2017 - Jemma Hewitson5★★★★★

Just returned from a week's retreat in Menorca with Amber and Ivan. What a wonderful life changing experience. Beautiful weather, food, location and most importantly people. The island is stunning and you have plenty of free time to explore the lovely walks and beaches. Starting our day with Qigong on the cliff with the sun on your face is a memory that will stay with me for a long time, and Amber's yoga classes are the best I have been to. We managed all our classes outdoors and even watched the moon on the rooftop on the last evening. I have come home feeling so much more at peace with the world and life. Thank you for the experience I will definitelybe back. You are an amazing couple xx

November 19, 2016 - Estelle Shearman5★★★★★

I had never been on any kind of retreat before, although I had read some reviews from last year's Menorca retreat. The photos were enticing enough.

So I booked myself and one other on the retreat, not knowing who was even going to come with me, my partner Nick, who had never done yoga, or my 19 year old son Milo who had a bit of time on his hands. In the end it was me and Milo. I took him to a few yoga classes in Sevenoaks to give him a taste..he loved it.

So, we arrived quite late on the first night..and settled into our accommodation. 

The next morning the sessions began. First warming up with Ivan then yoga with Amber..most of us had done a bit of yoga before and Amber seemed to intuitively know how far each of us could go, she eased us all gently into poses, stretched us physically and mentally building our stamina daily opening our minds and our hearts.

I think we all gained so much from the experience. I particularly loved the fresh air, the breathing and chanting, the mindfulness walks, I felt so relaxed I was inspired to stop smoking. Having been an on and off smoker for 13 years, I thought it would be difficult, two weeks later and I still have not had a cigarette. I feel younger and more invigorated than ever and I seem to have much more energy all round.

We have continued to attend our yoga class here. We can do a lot more than we could before. There is so much truth in the saying "use it or lose it" and also "it is never too late".

Thank you Amber and have given me a new lease of life and Milo some inspiration for his future, even if it is just to become a Pirate and live in a cave..Namaste..xx

April 26 2016 - Joanne Batchen5★★★★★

Just been at a wonderful yoga retreat in Grasmere where Amber was joining and in particular experienced both the meditation session and also the massage. Both were fantastic.
With the massage, I chose the deep tissue (my own fault) and under focused breathing (a few groans while those tense bits were vigorously worked on) I felt SO good after (and later the same day when I went walking/fell running).
I can say with all certainty that Amber delivered the best, most thorough massage I have EVER had in my life. And I have had quite a few in my running career! Amber, you're bloody brill! 🙂 x

07/08/16 - Simon Barker 5★★★★★

Joining Amber & Ivans yoga retreat in Sussex for a beautiful weekend away was absolutely what i needed, with their wise teachings and healthy dietary tips i have come away happy, cleansed and back to feeling like my old self! I can't recommend them enough.

Thank you x

15/04/2016 - Carmen Seteram 5★★★★★

Amber is a brilliant teacher. The atmosphere she creates is so relaxing. I always leave her classes feeling rejuvenated, completely relaxed, and with a calm, peaceful mind. Also she really helps you to work to your full potential with every pose so you get a thorough deep stretch. I suffer with lower back pain and tension in my neck and shoulders and a general state of stress - I realise this because of how calm I feel after her classes! And it's so relieving to stretch out all my tense areas. I can't recommend her enough.

May 24, 2016 Joanna Turner 5★★★★★

I had an amazing experience at Ambers yoga retreat in Menorca.
The combination of Yoga, Qi gong, healthy food, walks
and swimming all set in beautiful surroundings was the ideal break away to find some peace and harmony.
Much love to Amber and Ivan for being such good hosts, i wish you all the best in your venture.
Thank you for the time shared with you both.

December 3, 2015 - Andrew Harston 5★★★★★

A truly enlightening experience made all the more special by the personal care and attention shown by our exceptional hosts.......Amber and Ivan. We began our days with Qi-gong explained and led so eloquently by Ivan. Once we were 'warmed up', energised and full of positive chi Amber would then follow on with yoga practice. With her wealth of experience she is able to guide each participant to reach their full potential and we all noticeably improved during the course of the week. The reward for our efforts was to then sit down together and enjoy a superb healthy and nutritious breakfast. This really set us up for the day during which we could take guided mindfulness walks in pretty countryside often with sea views, or 'do our own thing' until sunset yoga. Weather permitting this would take place poolside or on the roof terrace, sometimes with chanting and meditation. The next treat would be the wholesome tasty suppers created by Ivan and enjoyed by all.
Amber and Ivan have carefully considered the content, location and ambiance of their retreat which represents excellent value and the vital opportunity to explore oneself. Heartfelt thanks Amber and Ivan for a truly positive experience.

April 26, 2016 - Sarah-Jane & Geoff5★★★★★