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Meet our beautifully talented & inspirational team!


Amber Serene

Advanced Yoga Teacher & Therapist E-RYT, Ecstatic Dance Facilitator / Founder of Yoga Retreat Holidays

Amber was born into a holistic family, training under her fathers guidance for several years offering Massage & Acupuncture treatments in London since 2005. In her early 20’s she was introduced to Yoga and saw noticeable improvements benefiting her hormonal imbalance, breathing difficulties & general postural out of alignment. Amber had decided it was time to give herself the love & healing that was needed, travelling to India in 2014 to find some peace & body awareness, deepening her understanding and practising the art & magic that is Yoga.

Amber is certified RYT 500 teacher – in Yoga therapy & multi style, her classes are compassionate, down to earth & creative. With every session she combines breath with movement, mindful connection with our core balance, tuning into our alignment and bringing awareness, strength & healing to where it is needed most.

Through her experiences & inspirations it is Amber’s aim to create a warm & safe environment for those in need. Recently in 2020 she qualified as an Ecstatic dance facilitator and loves to bring this healing movement therapy into play! With her gentle guidance complementing her knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology, Yoga, Sound therapy, Qigong & free-flowing movement you will feel held and safe in her hands.

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Lula McGill


Lula is a RYT 200 teacher, registered with The Yoga Alliance. She began her yoga journey yoga 15 years ago and soon discovered the healing benefits of yoga, noticing how rejuvenated, energised and calm she felt.

She spent 7 years exploring acrobatic aerial arts, partner acrobatics and functional movement. Lula soon found Vinyasa Yoga, finding its creative and dynamic nature a great support to the high strength work of acrobatics.

At the heart of Vinyasa flow is the connection between breath and movement. This creates greater mental clarity, more mindfulness and awareness in the body.

Lula’s classes are grounded in strength, anatomical detail (therapeutic alignment) and mindfulness. She offers detailed verbal cues, emphasising breath and correct alignment to reduce injury and support expansion and growth in postures. She offers a safe space for students to grow themselves and their practise.


Valerie Watkinson


From a young child Valerie found a love for movement through the form of Gymnastics at the age of 6. Always moving and exploring how the body moves through a functional range, she continued her studies through contemporary dance, gaining a BA Hons Degree at Chichester University.

From here Valerie travelled to India to take her training as a yoga teacher, and continued to train back in London for a second teacher training with Yoga like Water, and further qualifications with Norman Blair Yin Yoga training.

Learning from many teachers and travelling around the world, her studies include, vinyasa flow, yin yoga, Qi-gong yoga, meditation, kundalini, breath-work and also Thai Massage.

You will find a seamless collaboration of many forms as you flow through an incredible journey with Valerie, always moving from a place of compassion, keeping everyone safe but filling the space with vibrant energy.