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Enjoy a Revitalising Retreat in a serene magical location where you can connect back to nature,
bring attention to where you need it most, nourishing your mind & body with earthy goodness.

With our sincere approach and attention to each individual, offering you daily Yoga & Meditation classes, as well as a healthy nutritionally balanced diet and a place of peace and tranquillity. You will feel nurtured, nutritiously inspired, relaxed & loved in mind, body & soul. In addition, you will also gain improved focus, body alignment, muscle tone and increased flexibility. Return home feeling physically refreshed, mentally relaxed, and spiritually enriched.

Join us for a Healing Adventure! ૐ

Affordable Retreats in The stunning Quaint Countryside of Sussex, The Jewel of the Balearic Islands Minorca & Koh Phangan, Thailand


Yoga Retreats - Minorca, Balearic Island

Surrounded by jewelled coloured water, secret hidden coves and beautiful white sandy beaches.
Price starting from £595

Yoga Retreats - Westfield, Sussex, England

Absorbed by stunning panoramic views surrounded by nature and close to the sea side towns of Hastings & Rye.
Price starting from £375


Yoga Retreats - Koh Phangan, Thailand

Surrounded by tropical nature – Nestled on the hilltop amongst the jungle on Haad Yuan beach – Price starting from £288

Give yourself the time to reflect & create positive affirmations. Manifesting your dreams & desires reaching your true potential.

  • Be at home in a peaceful environment, letting go and allowing time to relax
  • Embrace your inner beauty & light, shine to your fullest potential
  • Being supported, making new connections with like minded individuals
  • Lose weight naturally & holistically to attain your healthy true self
  • Strengthen your mind and body focusing on your achievements & goals
  • Allowing yourself the time to delve into an exploration of self discovery
  • Nourish your nutrition by listening to your body’s dietary needs

“The journey is within you, breathe deep, accept and embrace”

– Amber Serene 

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